Secure Your Future; Adapt to Today

In today’s cybersecurity environment, the threat landscape is rapidly evolving.

We believe that there is no such thing as a one-size fits all cybersecurity framework, DayBlink Consulting will customize our initial cybersecurity areas based upon client culture, team norms, and unique organizational structure, in conjunction with our areas of expertise.

Our Expertise

Security Automation

DayBlink Consulting assists organizations in automating and accelerating many of the operational functions of a security organization. Examples include: security dashboard design, workflow re-engineering, data management, and 3rd party system integration.

Cyber Operation Optimization

The current and future threat of COVID-19 is likely to force all organizations to do more with less: less cash, less investment in new technology, and less human capital. DayBlink Consulting can help lead your efforts to get more out of what you have in order to stay resilient against cyber threats. Our teams build programs to optimize the current tools you have, streamline and automate security workflows and practices, and up-skill your resources to be better prepared to defend, detect and recover from current threats and attacks.

Offensive Security

DayBlink Consulting assists organizations in stress-testing their networks both internally and externally. Initiatives include sophisticated red-team operations, app- or platform-specific penetration testing, development of in-house phishing programs, and dark-web monitoring services.

Security Readiness

DayBlink Consulting assesses the current security controls, supporting workflows, and enablement tools of your InfoSec org to identify improvement opportunities and adequately prepare for any of the industry or internal security audit and regulatory compliance requirements. DayBlink Consulting also offers several customizable security frameworks geared towards developing a proactive culture of shifting security to the left.

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