Secure Your Future; Adapt to Today

Cybersecurity teams must do more with less: less cash, less investment in new technology, and less human capital. DayBlink Consulting can help lead your efforts to get more out of what you have in order to stay resilient against cyber threats.


Cyber Automation

DayBlink Consulting assists organizations in automating and accelerating many of the operational functions of a security organization. Examples include: security dashboard design, workflow re-engineering, data management, and 3rd party system integration.

Identity Access Management Automation at Scale

Authenticating, authorizing and accounting is easy for a handful of systems but daunting when you have dozens of apps, thousands of endpoints, and petabytes of data to protect. Lifecycle automation is key to scaling without an army of access specialists and system administrators. DayBlink Consulting designs, automates and manages these IAM efforts as you scale.

Product & Application Security Automation

With thousands of risks spread out across the vast protect surface – hundreds of applications and innumerable endpoints – manually quantifying, prioritizing, and fixing these security vulnerabilities is an outdated method of working that does not scale. DayBlink Consulting plans, architects, builds, and maintains platforms and automated workflows that turn risks into remediation at scale.

Automated Behavioral Engineering Programs

Designing a “Human Firewall” can be a monumental task when it comes to identifying which content and behaviors meet your risk, compliance, and business requirements. DayBlink Consulting automates this end-to-end process, from program design to employee engagement, enabling every employee to be a security champion.

Cyber Workflow Automation

Cybersecurity and IT Operations are more intertwined than ever with budgets increasing and business stakeholders that demand less friction and increased efficiency, efficacy, and return on investment. DayBlink Consulting specializes in designing and managing complex workflow optimization and automation for cybersecurity teams.


Cyber Readiness & Optimization

DayBlink Consulting builds programs to optimize the current tools you have, streamline and automate security workflows and practices, and up-skill your resources to be better prepared to defend, detect and recover from current threats and attacks. DayBlink Consulting assesses the current security controls, supporting workflows, and enablement tools of your InfoSec org to identify improvement opportunities and adequately prepare for any of the industry or internal security audit and regulatory compliance requirements. DayBlink Consulting also offers several customizable security frameworks geared towards developing a proactive culture of shifting security to the left.

Scaled Zero Trust

Zero Trust “at Scale” requires a paradigm shift away from network-based defenses, eliminating implied trust that connects users with resources. This extends beyond users to the interconnected platforms across the enterprise. DayBlink Consulting leads Zero Trust journeys in a pragmatic and foundational manner that drives tangible results in the short term and sets the foundation for the longer term.

Post Privacy Implementation (PPI)

Privacy is an increasingly global challenge and the work to implement privacy changes that impact people, process, and technology can be overwhelming, especially for oversubscribed IT and security teams. DayBlink Consulting builds programs geared towards meeting privacy requirements without undue burden on existing functions.

Security Policy and Procedure Documentation

Even the most skilled technologists need help meeting policy and regulatory requirements. Standardized and well-defined documentation (standards, procedures, methods, guides, etc.) can be key to proactively meeting regulatory or audit requests as well as building tribal knowledge. DayBlink Consulting quickly and thoroughly facilitates the drafting, peer review and publication of important IT and InfoSec documentation.


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