Unlock the Digital Revolution

As technologies continue to disrupt both employee and customer experiences, companies must redefine their status quo. Whether it’s to lead the way or modernize, organizations need to initiate scalable and sustainable solutions to prepare for tomorrow. DayBlink Consulting’s approach to automation leverages near-term, measurable wins for long-lasting organizational success.


Applied Automation

Cloud Automation

DayBlink Consulting builds automations that help you manage and streamline operations in the cloud including access controls, configurations, and integrations, among others. Recent engagements include the use of: AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes, private cloud solutions.

Data Management & Unification

DayBlink Consulting consolidates disparate information using automation techniques so that you can unleash the power of your enterprise data. Recent engagements include use of: Snowflake, MongoDB, Amazon Redshift, Domo.

Automation Strategy & Architecture

DayBlink Consulting thoroughly assesses your automation needs to help you determine the right problems to solve and select the right automation tool to solve them. Recent engagements include use of: Custom APIs and GUIs, BI tools (Tableau, Looker), CI/CD tools (Helm, Chef), scripts, RPA (UiPath, Automation Anywhere).

Data Automation, Analytics, and Visualization

DayBlink Consulting helps automate data ingestion and transformation so that you have analytics that inform your actions, notify you when preset limits are crossed, and provide options to resolve issues. Recent engagements include use of: Kafka, Python, JavaScript, Tableau, PowerBI, Looker.

Systems Integration Architecture & Design

DayBlink Consulting designs integrations across systems and applications to drive business value and efficiency within your existing ecosystem. Recent engagements include the use of: Mulesoft, Boomi.

Data Governance

DayBlink Consulting establishes the standards and processes required to enable the right data, with the right access controls, to be consistent, available, and discoverable when you need it. Recent engagements include the use of: MDM tools, Snowflake, SailPoint (for identity data), Blue Planet (for inventory data).

Lead Partners