Accelerate Progress Through Rapid Execution

Planning & Functional Strategy

With today’s tight budgets and stiff competition, deciding where to place your investment dollars has never been more critical. Our clients turn to DayBlink to help them identify, quantify, and justify the strategic initiatives that will unlock a competitive advantage and maximize the value delivered back to their organization.

Transformation Strategy

In our ever-changing world, organizations must continually evolve and adapt their strategies to meet shifting market demands. Often, this requires businesses to adopt and implement new technologies to maintain their competitive advantage. DayBlink Consulting will help your organization navigate these transitions by assessing leading-edge technologies and identifying those that are best-suited for their business.

Strategic Planning & Roadmapping

In order to remain competitive, organizations must always be thinking two steps ahead – planning for the future, not just succeeding in the present. To achieve continual evolution, organizations must master strategic planning, roadmapping, and prioritization. DayBlink Consulting helps our clients to identify and prioritize value-creating initiatives, focusing on driving value for employees, customers, and the community as a whole.

Strategic Program Governance

To ensure success, strategic programs require structure and oversight. Too often, complex transformational strategies promise value but fail to deliver. DayBlink Consulting help our clients mitigate this risk by bringing decades of experience to provide guidance and ensure strategies are executed successfully, resulting in long-term value creation.

Product Strategy & Development

Despite prioritizing innovation, many companies struggle to effectively innovate. Organizations spend a lot of energy trying to strike the right balance between keeping existing products working seamlessly and introducing new products in unstable (and often unpredictable) markets. DayBlink Consulting’s focus stretches beyond individual product development: our goal is to maximum lifecycle value by ensuring any new offerings meet customers’ underling needs. We emphasize the importance of an organization roadmap that centers on customers and then leverage agile development methodologies to continually seek out new opportunities for innovation and revenue generation.

Product Roadmapping

Planning ahead and setting goals drives accountability, autonomy, and innovation. Breaking down work into phases, and providing clear line of sight to what comes next, helps teams to turn visions into reality. Through horizon scanning and hands-on team collaboration, DayBlink Consulting can help your organization align on measurable and achievable objectives that will guarantee success.

Agile / Ways of Working Transformation

DayBlink Consulting leverages a robust understanding of Agile guiding principles and values to quickly assess your organization’s Agile readiness to embark on or improve your existing Agile journey. Early-in-journey solutions include Agile strategy, vision and roadmap, and readiness assessment.


Program Delivery & Execution

Execution excellence is required to deliver long-lasting value on time and on budget. Our seasoned team of consultants understand the importance that your initiative plays within your organization’s broader strategy. We also understand that the keys to success in program delivery are: an obsession with being organized, a lightweight but effective governance structure, and an ability to motivate and bring the best out of your team.

Platform & System Migration

Legacy platforms and systems have long plagued businesses and limited their ability to adapt to changing market landscapes. The need to evolve and invest in new techology is critical, however large technology transformations can be daunting. DayBlink Consulting helps our clients to navigate these complex initiatives by developing thorough execution, planning and implementation strategies to ensure for a smooth transition.

Technical Program Management

Technical programs demand a significant investment of time, budget, and organizational focus. However, often times, the sheer size and complexity associated with these programs makes them difficult for internal stakeholders to develop and implement in a timely, cost-effective manner. With ample experience building, optimizing, and working with PMO groups, DayBlink Consulting is able to help clients mitigate these risks and execute our client’s program at the highest level.

Product Management

We believe the key to product management is a focus on continuous improvement and adaptability. Consumers are notoriously unpredictable, so it is essential that organizations are ready and able to pivot product support, maintenance, and development accordingly. At DayBlink Consulting, we encourage our clients to set lofty goals, challenging themselves to focus on responsiveness, communication, planning, and execution, and ultimately achieving higher satisfaction ratings and greater revenue returns.

Product Modernization

Ensuring that an organization’s core offerings continue to meet the growing demands of technology and consumers is pivotal for longevity. DayBlink Consulting helps our clients to modernize their products, both front and back-end, to ensure product offerings never become stale. We encourage cross-functional collaboration to derive new enhancement ideas and propose innovative solutions that would otherwise never be considered.

Organizational Assessment & Transformation

Now more than ever, organizations have to quickly adapt to new constraints and demands to ensure business continuity. DayBlink Consulting can provide functional, organizational, and strategic expertise – assessing enterprise impacts across functional teams, key leaders, and processes, and recommending an optimal and sustainable solution.

Operating Model Design & Execution

It is critical for organizations to remain competitive amidst a rapidly changing business landscape. DayBlink Consulting collaborates with our clients to create thoughtful organization designs that advance the transition of functional teams, key leaders, and the organization to a target-state operating model and organizational structure.

Productivity Tools Optimization

Our team at DayBlink Consulting has vast experience in a multitude of working software and technology that supports your teams, whether it be Jira, ServiceNow, Asana, or others, we can enable and set up your teams for success

Executive & Leadership Support

Leaders require support. Our team can serve as core team members right hand partner, serving as someone they can rely on to support anything within their scope of work, whether it be metrics, organizational strategy, budgeting, or anything else, we’re here to help.


Program Acceleration & Performance Improvement

Large strategic programs are extremely complex — sometimes involving multiple vendors, dozens of stakeholders, hundreds of staff, and millions of dollars. It is not surprising then that, sometimes, things go off the rails. That is why our clients turn to us time and again to diagnose what went wrong, reassess and reset the roadmap, regain the trust of leadership, and drive the program back on track.

Legacy System Modernization

In today’s day and age, legacy systems are not able to satisfy ever-growing business needs and goals. A modernization of existing investments, processes, and structures are needed to combat this. DayBlink Consulting provides the guidance and execution required to successfully navigate this evolving landscape.

IT Program Acceleration

As new technologies continue to emerge, IT has never been more crucial to an enterprise’s strategy and day-to-day operations. Delivering superior products and services that reach markets sooner requires a nimble IT infrastructure that aligned to delivering business objectives. From IT program design to technical deployments and upgrades, DayBlink Consulting’s expertise and experience ensures our clients are not hindered by an aging or limited technology infrastructure.

Metrics, Analytics, and Visualization

Most organizations do a good job of collecting and storing data about thier customers, products, and business, but many lack the strategy and tools that are required to turn that data into actionable insights. DayBlink Consulting can help elevate your team to bring your data to life, allowing you to interpret it and drive better business decisions.

Process Improvement & Optimization

When it comes to process improvement, DayBlink Consulting’s focus is on eliminating inefficiencies and increasing cross-functional communication will benefit both teams and customers. Our phased approach includes assess and analyze, design and build, and develop and implement. DayBlink Consulting focuses on creating lightweight and operational processes that focus on practicality. Our goal is to work with your team to document the current state, optimize areas of challenge, and create working documents for your core processes

Time & Motion Studies

Using our patented proprietary technology, DayBlink Consulting identifies a range of performance improvement opportunities for your contact center’s call handling processes and systems. Our recommendation roadmap will range from immediate process-only adjustments to tweaking applications used by agents to wholesale system replacement. As each opportunity is based both on the verifiable time savings and frequency of occurrence for a specific improvement, estimates of potential benefits are data-driven and have a high degree of confidence. Further, implemented changes are verified using the same Time and Motion methodology, allowing confirmation of efficacy or identification of further required adjustments. DayBlink Consulting’s data-driven methodology also enables gain-sharing engagement structures that require little investment to get started.

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