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Designing and operationalizing functional strategy

With today’s tight budgets and stiff competition, deciding where to place your investment dollars has never been more critical. Our clients turn to DayBlink Consulting to help them identify, quantify, and justify the strategic initiatives that will unlock a competitive advantage and maximize the value delivered back to their organization.

Transformation Strategy Development & Implementation

A Hospitality Sector client was seeking to transform it’s IT strategy to remain competitive in the industry. DayBlink Consulting analyzed the current state system architecture, staff time distribution, and current processes to develop a comprehensive IT transformation strategy and associated operational plan. The strategy and plan resulted in optimized reporting and business systems through restructured reporting structures, newly established KPIs, system rationalization & simplification, process hardening, and new recruiting targets.

Strategic Plan & Roadmap Development

A large Technology Sector client was looking to identify automation opportunities that would allow the client to scale more efficiently, save on operational costs, and improve employee experience. DayBlink Consulting evaluated pain points of manual processes, developed a t-shirt opportunity value and effort model to build an automation implementation roadmap, and designed logical stack architecture to enable automation efforts. The client accepted the proposed roadmap and pursued value opportunities including both short-term wins as well as transformational efforts.

Strategic Program Governance Assessment & Implementation

A long-time client was seeking to launch a strategic product where they consistently missed launch and budget targets. We conducted a broad assessment, identifying key program gaps and deficiencies, and mobilized program resources around tightly defined action plans and management processes. Through well defined stage gate acceptance and success criteria for each launch phase, the client filled key holes in the program and successfully launched the product on time. Through well defined stage gate acceptance and success criteria for each launch phase, the client filled key holes in the program and successfully launched the product on time.

Product Strategy Development

A client was looking to refresh its product strategy with new products and services, product enhancements, and new lines of business. DayBlink Consulting was brought in to lead cross-functional workshops across the enterprise, conduct market research, and assess and prioritize product opportunities. Results included a renewed enterprise product strategy, a 3-year product roadmap, and a new repeatable product development methodology with operational runbooks.

Product Roadmap Development

A Comms Sector client was looking to understand if there was market opportunity to position itself as a trusted adviser to its customer base by offering new enhanced security products and services to its roadmap. DayBlink Consulting performed market research to confirm the market needs, assessed the client’s current roadmap, analyzed the client’s market penetration relative to competitors, and identified new product opportunities. The client’s product roadmap was refreshed with new product opportunities based on comparing levels of profitability and complexity of execution.

Agile Transformation Implementation

A large Healthcare Sector client operated in a traditional hierarchical structure, struggling to implement change quickly across the organization. DayBlink Consulting managed the client’s organization-wide agile transformation (including non-IT teams) through coaching, training, and ongoing support. Scaling agile across the organization led to increased output dramatically across organization by implementing a tailored agile approach, methodology and principles.


Delivering strategic initiatives and programs

Execution excellence is required to deliver long-lasting value on time and on budget. We understand that the keys to success in program delivery are: an obsession with being organized, a lightweight but effective governance structure, and an ability to motivate and bring the best out of your team.

Platform & System Migration

A large North American Comms Sector client was challenged with centralizing its private cloud capacity as there was no source of truth for inventory or applications, no clear destination for the applications. DayBlink Consulting developed a source of truth for all applications and hardware, led requirements development, and created a phased migration approach for all interdependent apps and services. Hundreds of applications were migrated to several private and public clouds and the legacy private cloud region was deprecated, all without impacting business continuity.

Technical Program Implementation

A large Comms Sector client was challenged with implementing and migrating to a new system architecture across its device provisioning infrastructure. DayBlink Consulting devised an overarching program structure, engaged critical teams (Network Operations, Advanced Engineering, IT, Tech Ops, and Care),  and conducted cross-functional Go/No-Go’s for each migration. The new architecture was deployed across the enterprise without causing a single outage and resulted in improved redundancy, enabled a smoother path to update key devices, simplified provisioning capabilities, and enabled the retirement of legacy middleware.

Product Management

A client’s internal customers (product and engineering teams) were dissatisfied with the security service request and fulfillment process, noting it was too complicated and time consuming with long lead times and no SLAs.  Acting as the Product Manager, DayBlink Consulting designed and deployed a cybersecurity service management function borrowing best practices from the CRM and Service Management industries. Results included a streamlined request, intake, routing and fulfillment process, reduced cycle time to deliver service, improved internal customer satisfaction, reduced cyber risk.

Product Modernization

A Media & Communications client embarked on building a new “public cloud-like” private cloud platform to reduce spend on public cloud providers and services and increase application and data security. DayBlink led the design, build, testing, and migration of customers. Activities included requirements definition, product feature prioritization, and customer experience management. DayBlink Consulting developed an approach and plan for all phases of the program to help ensure product delivery excellence, stakeholder alignment, and an improved customer experience and journey.

Organizational Assessment & Transformation

A client was in need of organizational restructuring and a new operating model. We facilitated executive level workshops to design and recommend a comprehensive future state vision, which included a framework for organizing core capabilities & functions across key business routines. This led to over 20 key insights that drove the final recommendation and developed key initiatives for executing the future-state design.

Operating Model Design & Execution

A Healthcare Sector client embarked on assessing and designing future-state operating model and organizational design for compliance, legal, information security, and risk management business functions. DayBlink Consulting interviewed 200+ stakeholders across all major lines of the business to assessed enterprise risk tolerance and proposed a future-state model to increase risk transparency and ownership across all three lines of defense. This resulted in a new framework for committee management to streamline & consolidate risk decisioning and developed 40+ role profiles for future-state positions and key responsibilities.

Productivity Tools Optimization

A Comms Sector client was seeking to optimize their JIRA tool to drive on-time delivery. DayBlink Consulting optimized reporting to increase program-wide visibility and trained end users to maximize tool functionality and increase data quality in order to manage program deliverables and project lifecycle development. As a result, the refreshed JIRA functionality, process improvements, and streamlined workflows removed bottlenecks, increased visibility across the org, and accelerated work streams.

Executive & Leadership Support

For a variety of clients, there’s a recurring need to bolster how senior leaders lead and operate their organizations. DayBlink Consulting has been engaged to support leaders with setting the operational rhythm of the organization, leading special strategic projects, and acting as an extension of the executive. These engagements resulted in improved structure, organization, and alignment throughout the client’s leadership team and department.


Accelerating strategic programs and optimizing performance

Large strategic programs are extremely complex — sometimes involving multiple vendors, dozens of stakeholders, hundreds of staff, and millions of dollars. It is not surprising then that, sometimes, things go off the rails. That is why our clients turn to us time and again to diagnose what went wrong, reassess and reset the roadmap, regain the trust of leadership, and drive the program back on track.

Legacy System Modernization

As a result of a merger, a client was challenged with managing three separate back-end legacy systems that were impacting a critical business function. DayBlink Consulting drove the development of a new technology solution layer with IT, Operations, and Engineering to unify the three disparate systems. This resulted in additional organizational capabilities and functions, and smoother operations following the deprecation of unnecessary systems.

IT Program Acceleration

One of our long-time clients was developing a federated system registry for data center assets across several individual asset tracking systems, however the existing efforts were ad-hoc and the program was missing key target milestones. DayBlink Consulting was engaged to assess and re-tool the program. DayBlink Consulting led and managed the revised program to develop an enterprise-wide system and asset management tool for the client’s central technology team. This resulted in a rapid development of one standardized data model and taxonomy for collecting asset and Identity data.

Metrics Development, Analytics, and Visualization

A Media & Communications client was faced with challenges in creating a Tableau data “cube” and relevant dashboards for KPIs metrics related to consumer behavior for a new IT product and service. DayBlink Consulting worked with the client team to implement a BI solution for a new customer service application and built several dashboards to measure KPIs and inform operational decision making. Results included reports and dashboards in Tableau at multiple levels of abstraction, a new Tableau server site and deployed reports to production.

Process Improvement & Optimization

A Comms Sector client was seeking to streamline the intake and prioritization processes and tools for new project requests to drive standardization and operational efficiencies. DayBlink Consulting led and managed the initiative to establish standardized processes for the intake and prioritization of new project requests into the client’s IT organization. This enabled us to implement an intake process and tool that mitigated informal project requests and funneled all new project requests through a single channel.

Time & Motion Study

A large enterprise Sales and Customer Retention organization was looking to improve customer experience while driving cost efficiencies. Using patented proprietary technology, we followed Six Sigma practices to scope, design, study, measure, and execute the study. The study included observations and findings distilled into tactical recommendations to improve CSAT and cost efficiencies, with proforma models developed for each recommendation. The study enabled the client to select recommendations with this highest IRR.

Community of Practice Development

A major Healthcare Sector client called for a Communities of Practice (COP) program within the cybersecurity department in order to increase employee engagement and capabilities, bring people together who have a passion for certain topics, and improve technology implemented across the enterprise. DayBlink Consulting led and managed an initiative to develop a charter and design a COP program, facilitate a pilot meeting, and develop strategy and plan materials in order for the client to continue to grow the program. DayBlink Consulting delivered a comprehensive playbook that explained detailed guidelines for successful COPs, key program outcomes, and participant NPS scores and feedback.

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