John Morris

John Morris


John is proud to have been present at the genesis of DayBlink consulting, calling on his experience at Big 4 and premier boutique firms to help define what we felt is a great consulting company with a model culture. Over his 19 years in consulting, John has worked with some of the largest Fortune 50 companies in the United States. With a particular focus on driving strategic programs within the Network and Care Operations teams of large telecommunications and cable companies, John is adroit at learning new technologies and how they can most benefit his clients. John is also the co-inventor of a patented technology that enables time and motion studies on the highly dynamic processes of live customer care.

  1. Invention he wishes he could have helped launch

    The airplane. I’ve long been fascinated by planes and even after flying over 1,000,000 miles, I am still in awe by what the airplane means for our world. It never gets old accelerating down the runway for takeoff.

  2. Favorite city he’s worked in

    Seattle, WA. I spent 18 months working for a wireless client in the Seattle area. Seattle was such a contrast to where I grew up in west Texas, surrounded by lush forests with enormous trees, Puget Sound bustling with ferries and shipping, and a even dormant volcano looming nearby. My parents had lived here while my father worked “on loan” to Boeing, working on designing the 747, so I felt a historic connection to the city. It may be wet much of the year, but the gorgeous, long summer evenings make up for the winter months spent in mist. Its a very neat place.

  3. Favorite charity

    I have been involved with St. Baldricks, a charity that raises money for research into children’s cancers by getting people to shave their heads. My wife, Jamie, has been organizing a St. Baldricks event for the last six years, and I ‘tag along’ by serving as the event treasurer most years.


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