GitHub — a Dangerous Platform if your house isn’t in order

Every year, hacker summer camp (aka DEFCON, Black Hat, BSides) arrives in a flurry of anticipation, presentations, and great ideas that often take reflection to determine how best to implement in our daily lives. Each year, in addition to new skills and information, we look for themes that may come to dominate the security world […]

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Prioritizing the Virtual Private Cloud for PHI in Healthcare

Cloud infrastructure systems present an incredible opportunity for healthcare organizations to not only greatly save on costs, but also securely transfer patient data faster and more securely (when done right). In DayBlink Consulting’s new thought piece, Christa Zubic assesses the various options healthcare organizations can pursue in upgrading their cloud offerings, specifically focusing on how […]

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Case Study

Workplace Digital Transformation to Improve Customer Experience

With constant pressure to digitize their workforce, the client brought on DayBlink to manage and drive execution to a variety of internal IT initiatives that involved enhancing the digital optimization of internal systems. DayBlink was able to successfully manage the entire portfolio of initiatives and transform the employee experience by reducing platform redundancy and offering new technologies.

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