IAM in the Cloud

Scaling the capabilities of Identity and Access Management (IAM) teams now requires not only meeting requirements for potentially hundreds of applications and thousands of identity profiles, but also multiple infrastructure ecosystems. That ecosystem gets further complicated with hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Traditional strategic advice is often given as “move towards a zero trust network” or, even more generically, “establish and optimize your cloud identity and access control model.” But what do these even mean?

In DayBlink Consulting’s newest thought piece, Jacob Armijo highlights two of the potentially hundreds of IAM in the cloud questions that IAM and Security leadership are grappling with on a daily basis. Read more here: Jacob Armijo on Medium.

About the Authors

Jacob Armijo is a Manager within DayBlink Consulting’s Cybersecurity Group.

Justin Whitaker is a Partner and Practice Lead of DayBlink Consulting’s Cybersecurity Group.