Observability offers promising benefits. Don’t dismiss it as a buzzword.

Modern application systems are significantly more complex than they were a decade ago. Organizations aiming to scale effectively have adopted distributed microservice ecosystems in lieu of monolithic architectures. Microservices allow organizations to deliver efficiently and decrease time to market. This is great for the customer, but innovation often comes with a tradeoff. So where is the cost?

Read more on observability and its applications, in the latest position paper from DayBlink Consulting’s Cybersecurity Group, here: Brian Gastwirth on Medium.

About the Authors

Brian Gastwirth is a Consultant within DayBlink Consulting’s Cybersecurity Group.

Jacob Armijo is a Manager within DayBlink Consulting’s Cybersecurity Group.

Justin Whitaker is a Partner and Practice Lead of DayBlink Consulting’s Cybersecurity Group.