The IAM Iceberg: Navigating IAM’s Depths Amidst the Temptation of Tools

A quick Google search using keywords like “how to scale identity and access” or “how to securely manage identity and access” will yield a plethora of results addressing common Identity and Access Management (IAM) challenges. Notably, many of these results are dominated by companies that offer enterprise IAM products such as SailPoint and Okta. Their articles assert that acquiring these tools can alleviate many of the challenges associated with poorly managed identity and access functions. These tools are readily accessible to CIOs and CISOs, akin to the tip of an iceberg visible to a ship’s captain from a great distance.

However, it is crucial to recognize that these tools represent only a fraction of the comprehensive effort required to effectively oversee worker identity and access. Beneath the surface of the IAM iceberg lies other challenges, encompassing all the business and compliance processes reliant on identity data, the various events integral to a worker’s experience, and the multitude of applications (often numbering in the hundreds or thousands) used within an enterprise.

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About the Authors

Zachary White is a Manager within DayBlink Consulting’s Cybersecurity Group.

Justin Whitaker is a Partner and Practice Lead of DayBlink Consulting’s Cybersecurity Group.