Workplace Digital Transformation to Improve Customer Experience

With constant pressure to digitize their workforce, the client brought on DayBlink to manage and drive execution to a variety of internal IT initiatives that involved enhancing the digital optimization of internal systems. DayBlink was able to successfully manage the entire portfolio of initiatives and transform the employee experience by reducing platform redundancy and offering new technologies.

Legacy Technology Systems and Technology

Before engaging DayBlink, our client had too many mismanaged platforms and technologies and struggled to keep up with internal customer expectations for a digital workforce. DayBlink recognized the need for a ‘holistic’ approach to digitizing their workforce, rather than small incremental improvements that were reactive in nature. A technology ecosystem and roadmap was created to transform to a digital empowered workforce.

Digital Transformation Program Creation

DayBlink developed an understanding of the current ecosystem of workplace technologies and established a portfolio of initiatives that allowed teams to manage their projects and initiatives effectively. DayBlink developed high-level dashboards that enabled teams to improve progress reporting and communication to executives on a regular cadence.

Program Execution Improves Workforce Experience

Over the course of several months, with DayBlink’s assistance, the client was able to deliver on four different initiatives that involved removing desk phones, transforming to wireless AV sharing solutions, and reducing the number of collaboration platforms. The successful program creation allowed the client to improve the employee experience for the enterprise by reducing complexity of tools while increasing collaboration and efficiency among employees. DayBlink was able to create a sustainable program that paved a path for additional transformative technology initiatives.